Fire Retardant Breather Membrane

Fire Retardant Breather Membrane

If you’re in the market for a fire retardant membrane, there are many options available. Here are a few of them: Novia FR Breather, Tyvek UV Facade, Effisus Breather FR-B Membrane, and Tyvek FireCurb Housewrap.

FR Breather

FR Breather membrane is a high quality fire rated construction wrap for both walls and roofs. It meets the EN 13859-1 standard for pitched roofs and EN 13859-2 for insulated wall applications. It has excellent breathability and is light weight, making it easy to handle and install.

Novia FR Breather membrane is designed to reduce air leakage and interstitial condensation while maximising R and U-values. It can also be used in conjunction with a dual tape sealing system, giving a fully airtight seal. The Novia FR Breather membrane can be specified by architects and designers through NBS Chorus.

Breather membranes are an important part of the building envelope, which must be protected against the infiltration of external elements. They keep the internal components dry and prevent a building from becoming too hot or too cold. This type of membrane is installed beneath the main cladding or lining of the building. Novia FR Breather membrane makes it possible to install breather membranes in a vertical or horizontal configuration.

UV Facade

UV Facade fire safe membrane offers unrivalled water, wind, UV, and vapour resistance. These properties help to reduce fire risk, and make the membrane a desirable choice for ventilated facades. It is available in a black finish and bears the CE and EN 13859-2 certifications.

The Facadeshield and Fireshield vapour permeable walling underlays meet the same strict standards as traditional breather membranes. The fire-retardant coating on Fireshield prevents fire from gaining ground. Both membranes are compatible with open-jointed rainscreens. They are installed by mechanical fixing to the supporting structure. During installation, fixings must be placed on a minimum of 500mm centers.

UV Facade Protective Membrane is lightweight and durable. This innovative membrane protects open rainscreen cladding from moisture, wind, and UV rays. DuPont Tyvek UV Facade offers a superior protection solution for rainscreen cladding. It is fire retardant, vapour-permeable, and windtight and offers a 10-year warranty.

Breather FR – B Membrane

The Breather FR-B Membrane System is composed of a polyester nonwoven and a waterproof special coating. This membrane is suitable for open or closed joints and has outstanding UV resistance. Designed for a maximum 50% facade area, this membrane offers protection against wind, water and corrosion. Additionally, it minimizes the risk of mould growth.

Effisus Breather FR-B and FR-A2 membranes are fire-resistant. They are made of a special polyester and do not contain any tejido. The material is resistant to Class B-s1 fire and can protect 50% of fachadas with open joints.


Housew wrap is a revolutionary new fire retardant breather membrane, bringing the benefits of Tyvek’s flame retardant properties to building envelope protection. This innovative material stops flame propagation by limiting oxygen availability and limiting the flammability of materials. Its unique combination of properties provides comprehensive protection for roofs and walls.

FireCurb Housewrap offers a fire retardant breather membrane made from patented technology. It offers high flame retardancy and has an airtight, water-tight barrier. It also provides excellent air and vapour diffusion, contributing to interior comfort and energy efficiency.

Housew wrap is a fire retardant breather membrane made of high-density polyethylene. Its superior fire resistance allows it to be used as a vapour and weather-protective lining behind ventilated facades. The DuPont AirGuard A2 FR AVCL also provides excellent climatic comfort and energy-saving performance.

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